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Acne Sufferers

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars



How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Acne is an extremely common hassle amongst people of every age, particularly amongst teenagers and women going via 

Pimples frequently occur at some stage in instances of hormonal imbalances in the frame. Hormonal modifications cause glands to supply greater oil than normal, which reasons the pores and skin pores to get clogged and permit bacteria to 

Handling pimples is one element, but the trouble will become worse if pimples breakouts leave behind unsightly scars that don’t depart without difficulty. Scars are a sign that pimples have induced enormous harm to your skin. Zits Acne scars may be found on any skin type, and the scars are commonly dark purple or brown with a choppy, pitted texture.

Depending on the severity, pimples scars can remaining weeks, months or longer. To deal with those cussed scars, many humans rely upon chemical creams and highly-priced remedies. in case you need a more secure opportunity to dispose of the scars, try some simple and powerful home treatments.

These treatments may not provide you with outcomes in a day. However they may be secure and with outside outcomes. before attempting the remedies, undergo in mind that you need to have staying power and use the treatments religiously.

the way to cast off pimples scars

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a herbal scar-elimination component, due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial houses.

aloe vera to reduce acne scars additionally, being a natural emollient, it facilitates restore broken skin and sell boom of clean pores and skin. It also improves the flexibility of the brand new tissue being formed.


reduce open an aloe vera leaf and scoop out the gel. observe the gel in your scars and rub down it in circular motions. permit it to take a seat for 30 minutes, then rinse it off. do that 2 or 3 times every day.

rather, blend one tablespoon of freshly extracted aloe vera gel and 2 or 3 drops of tea tree penetrating oil. observe it in the affected regions. Rinse it off with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. Use it once daily.

word: Aloe Vera may not work that successfully on older scars.

  1. Lemon

Lemon works as a herbal bleach and allows lighten any scars for your skin. It also removes lifeless skin cells, promotes the growth of new skin cells and improves skin elasticity.additionally, the vitamin C in lemon enables in rebuilding collagen.

lemon juice fades pimples scars you may choose from the following remedies, in line with your preference.follow a little sparkling lemon juice immediately to your scars the use of your fingertips or a cotton ball. allow it to sit down for 10 minutes, then wash it off with water. do this 1 or 2 instances a day.

mix equal quantities of lemon juice and honey. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture at the affected location. permit it to sit for approximately 10 to fifteen minutes. Wash it off with water and pat dry. try this as soon as each day.

mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of diet E oil. use it on your zits scars earlier than going to a mattress and wash it off the following morning. do that as soon as 

Warning: Do now not go out in the sun after applying lemon juice on your pores and skin.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common family object with literally hundreds of uses, inclusive of the ability to help heal scars. Baking soda is composed of sodium bicarbonate crystals which lightly exfoliate pores and skin while used as a cleansing scrub. simply blend a few teaspoons of baking soda with sufficient water to shape a thick paste then rub down into the skin in which scars are present.

once implemented, you ought to leave the combination on for a minute or two. this will allow the soda to cleanse pores and help prevent similarly blemishes. After a few minutes, wash your face in the the lukewarm water and practice an amazing natural moisturizer like rosehip seed, jojoba, coconut, or olive oil.

do this approximately as soon as every other day for exquisite effects!

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3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for pimples scars Coconut oil is on the top of the list in relation to herbal moisturizers with healing houses. Scoop about a quarter of a teaspoon of organic virgin coconut oil (that is the satisfactory logo to be had to shop for) into the palm of your hand and permit it melt because it comes as much as frame temperature. along with your fingertips, massage oil directly onto scarred skin and let it soak in.

There may be no want to clean coconut oil away because the nutrients and crucial fatty acids will preserve to work and improve skin health as long as you wear it. but, if the oil is simply too heavy on your consolation, depart it on for at least thirty minutes earlier than disposing of with an all-herbal 

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Cucumbers are a famous element in facial remedies for good cause. This vegetable isn’t simplest remarkable hydrating, cucumber additionally includes nutrition A, nutrition C, and magnesium – all of which might be high-quality for your pores and skin.

To apply this remedy for healing zits scars just choose up an organic cucumber out of your neighborhood market, cut off a few thin slices, and lay them over your scarred skin. After approximately thirty minutes, discard the cucumber slices and rinse your face with cool water. Repeat each day as preferred.


every other herbal moisturizer that may help heal scars is honey. it’s miles best to use uncooked honey, no longer the processed kind found at the shelves of maximum chain grocery stores. To achieve the high-quality fine, try your local farmer’s marketplace or this is a good alternative to be had on Amazon.

When you’ve gotten the good stuff, really massage a small amount of honey over your scars and let this surprise of nature paintings its magic. you could additionally blend about a teaspoon of ground cinnamon per tablespoons of honey for brought pore-cleansing power. Use this remedy as often and for as long as you want.



Lemon juice is a herbal alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that may be used to fade scars, sell recuperation, and revitalize skin. genuinely squeeze the juice from one organic lemon right into a small bowl. you may use this remedy undiluted or mixed with water when you have sensitive pores and skin. Dab juice over scars with a cotton ball and permit it dry completely. Then rinse your face with cool water and observe up with a herbal moisturizer.

Repeat this treatment once each two or 3 days.

remember the fact that lemon juice will make skin extra touchy to UV radiation, so it’s first-class to keep away from direct daylight for a while after the use of this Acne treatment.

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How To Stop Acne Naturally




How-To-Stop-Acne-NaturallyAcne is a quite common skin problem that people often faced. Some so many people suffer from acne and look for a treatment that will in getting rid of their acne. Since its very common that’s the reason that there are so many treatment options are available ranging from the natural remedies to medical treatment from a dermatologist. Also, there are also many over the counter products available that can be used to treat the acne.

However, the medication or topical treatment that dermatologist prescribes or the products that you get over the counter contains many potential side effects. They can include the irritation, redness, and dryness of the skin, etc. That’s the reason many people tend to choose some natural remedy for the treatment of their acne problem because they hold very minor to no side effects on the skin and they are valid for the acne treatment as well. Also, they do not cause any side effect or damage to the healthy skin surrounded the acne area.

Natural remedies are cheap in the using. Also, there are very easy to use and readily available as well so next time when you experience an acne breakout then give these remedies a try. However, it’s better to perform a spot test before using these on your skin because everyone is different and their skin reacts to a particular ingredient differently. Make sure to perform spot test especially if you have sensitive skin so that you don’t get any allergy reaction by using these products on your face.

Natural remedies are always a safer and cheaper option as compare to the medicated treatments or the over the counter product that can contain many chemical and can be harsh on your skin as well. If you are experiencing the acne, then the first thing that you need to do is to avoid taking the stress. Even if you are taking the stress because you have acne, then this can lead to even more acne, and it can make your acne worse so next time when you experience acne breakout then instead of panicking try to follow these simple home remedies to treat your acne for good.

Following are the details of the natural home remedies that you can follow to get clear skin. These remedies are very effective, and they are also very simple and easy to perform as well.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Also, you need to perform some lifestyle and diet changes along with using these remedies to get a healthy and acne free skin. Try to avoid the sugary, processed and fried food and opt for the healthy food. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Also, drink lots of water throughout the day to remove the toxins from the body and to hydrate your body. Adopt a healthful lifestyle, try to do exercise daily and try to follow a good skin care regime to get the acne free skin. These lifestyle changes along with these home remedies will eventually help in treating your acne for good.

Try Apple cider vinegar

Vinegars are considered beneficial in order to treat the bacteria and viruses. Like other vinegars apple cider vinegar also has the quality of fighting against the bacteria and viruses.  Apple cider vinegar kills acne because they are known to contain some organic acids. It has a particular acid named succinic acid that helps in treating the inflammation that acne causes. If you use it while having an active acne breakout then it will also help in preventing the acne scarring that may happen due to acne.

Apple cider vinegar also prevents the acne by fighting the excess oil. The procedure of using the apple cider vinegar is quite simple. All you have to do is dilute the Apple cider vinegar with water. Mix one part of vinegar and three parts of water. If your skin is quite sensitive then you can add more water in order to prevent any kind of irritation.  

Cleanse your skin properly and after that apply the apple cider vinegar on your face properly using the cotton ball.  You can let the apple cider vinegar on your face for about five to twenty seconds. After that you can rinse it off using the water. Always remember to dilute the Apple cider vinegar with the water because you may feel burning sensation after applying it. That’s the reason you should always apply it after diluting it with water to avoid any kind of irritation or burning sensations.

Honey and cinnamon mask

You can also use honey and cinnamon mask in order to treat the acne naturally. Honey and cinnamons both are packed with the antioxidants. A study suggest that if you apply the antioxidant on your face then it will be more effective in order to treat your acne even more then retinoids or benzoyl peroxide based products. Honey and cinnamon also contains antibacterial properties as well that help in treating the acne.

Honey is very beneficial in treating and fighting with the acne because it has properties to fight against the inflammation and bacteria as well. Both of these things can trigger your acne breakout and by fighting them you can actually reduce the acne breakouts.

Due to these beneficial properties that these products contain they are considered beneficial to treat the acne prone skin. However, there isn’t any evidence study that suggests that they are beneficial for treating the acne or reduce the acne breakouts.

The ingredients that are required to make this mask are honey and cinnamon. Mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of the cinnamon after that mix both ingredients well. Wash your face properly and apply this mask on your face. You can leave this mask on for almost ten to fifteen minutes after that you can wash it off with water.

Tea tree spot treatment

When it comes to the spot treatment, then the tea tree is considered the best spot treatment for the active acne on your skin. Tea tree oil essential oil is considered very beneficial for treating the acne because it will help in preventing the acne with its bacteria-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Research suggests that applying five percent of the tea tree oil to treat your acne can reduce it if you use it effectively to treat your acne. However, it works slower as compare to the benzoyl peroxide. It may take about three months to work and to treat your acne correctly. However, benzoyl peroxide may result in several side effects like dryness, irritation or redness. However, tea tree oil has fewer side effects like this.

However, you should always dilute the tea tree oil with water before using it to treat your acne. Follow the following procedure to use tea tree oil to treat the acne related problem to get rid of the acne.  Take one part of tea tree oil and dilute it with nine parts of the water. Apply it on the affected areas of the skin by using a cotton swab.

Tea tree oil can make your skin quite dry so you should apply a good moisturizer after treating your skin with the tea tree oil. You can use this treatment twice a day as per requirement until you get the desired results. Tea tree oil works because it contains the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can be helpful in treating the acne. Many people found it beneficial for the treatment of the acne, and it is considered a beneficial spot treatment.

Treating your acne using green tea

Green tea has so many antioxidants in it. Drinking green tea daily can help in promoting your overall health. Not just that it is also considered beneficial for your skin health as well. There are not any studies that suggest that drinking green tea helps in getting rid of your acne, however, applying it to your face topically can help in treating the acne problems.

Green tea contains an antioxidant named “epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)” that is considered very beneficial in reducing the oil or sebum production on the face also it reduce the inflammation on the face and eventually treat the acne in the people who have acne prone skin. There are many products available that contain the green tea extract because skin benefits are using green tea based products on your skin to help your acne.

Studies suggest that if you use two to three percent of green tea extract, then it will reduce the sebum or oil production that eventually becomes a cause of the acne.  You can choose any product that contains green tea extract however if you don’t want to opt for a product then you can also make your own as well.

Boil the water and add green tea and steep it on boiling water for about three to four minutes. After that let the tea cool down. After that, you can either apply it using a cotton ball, or you can use it in the spray bottle and directly spray t on your face.  Let it dry, and then you can wash it off with pure water.

There isn’t any study that proves that drinking green tea helps in fighting with the acne, but there is evidence that drinking green can low blood sugar level and it can lower blood sugar level. Since these two factors can contribute to the development of the acne then eventually sipping green tea can help with acne in this way.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is also beneficial in fighting with the acne since it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It has been used for a variety of the skin problem. It’s been used to treat eczema, dandruff, bruises and even insects bite. It is also considered beneficial in treating the acne as well. Some studies suggest that applying witch hazel can reduce the inflammation and it can fight against the bacteria as well, and it eventually helps in the healing process of the acne.  

Add witch hazel bark into one cup of water Let it stay in the water for about thirty minutes after that boil this mixture after that simmer for about ten minutes and keep the pot covered as well.  After ten minutes remove the mixture from the flame and then keep it for another ten minutes again. The mixture is ready, and you can store it in a sealed container after straining it. To treat the acne, apply this on your face twice a day using the cotton ball. It is available commercially as well, but those may not contain the tannins in it.

Try using Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel along with its other so many benefits is also very beneficial in treating the acne as well. Aloe Vera is often used in so many skin care products like face wash, soaps, creams or lotions, etc. due to its benefits for the skin. This too is used to treat so many skin imperfections for example rashes and skin burns.

It contains a right amount of Sulfur and salicylic acid, and both of these ingredients are known to help the acne. Some studies suggest that for the treatment of the acne if you apply salicylic acid on your acne, then it will be very beneficial to treat your acne.

Sulfur is also beneficial when it comes to treating the acne on the skin. Its use is quite simple. Get an Aloe Vera leaf from its plant. You can also grow its plant in your home very quickly. There are also readymade gels available in the market as well, but you will get a better result if you opt for a more natural one. After cleaning your face correctly apply the Aloe Vera gel o your skin directly. You can apply it as a moisturizer because Aloe Vera gel is an excellent moisturizer as well.


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How To Stop Adult Acne




How-To-Stop-Adult-AcneMany people experience the teenage acne. It is pretty standard and happens due to the hormonal imbalance in our body. It often goes away on its own after you cross your teenage years. It is often considered that you don’t get acne after the teenage and teenage is the only time when you get the acne.

However, that’s not actual people can experience the acne even after the teenager. Adults can get acne as well. There could be multiple reasons for the adult’s acne. Acne can occur even after you turn twenty. Women’s are more likely to have acne as compare to the men’s because they experience hormonal balance during the pregnancy and their menstrual cycles.

According to a research, about fifty percent of the women experience acne even in their adulthood as well. That means about half of the women experience acne at some point in their life’s in their twenties and about thirty-five percent women can experience acne in their thirties as well. There is not an apparent reason or explanation that why it happens. However, it could be a result of stress, improper diet and the hormonal changes in women’s.

The other reasons can include the bacteria, clogged pores, and excessive oil or sebum production. Teenagers often experience the acne on their foreheads and cheeks while adults get the acne on the jawline or the neck. In adults, it is more likely to happen on the lower face. Also, teenagers often get small acne bumps, whiteheads and the blackheads on their face. While in the adult acne happens in the form of big acne bumps.

With age, the oil glands on the back and chest areas produce less oil so with age you are less likely to have back or chest acne. If you are still getting body acne in the adulthood that you should consider some changes in the clothing. You should not wear tight-fitting clothes after the gym and should avoid wearing the same cloth after the workout. Take a shower immediately after working out and change the gym clothes that have sweat on them.  

The stress can also be a factor in getting the adult acne. If you are taking so much stress, then it can cause the imbalance in the hormones and can trigger acne due t I this stress. It is another cause of the adult acne because people are more likely to be stressed out during their adulthood because they have so many responsibilities on them. They have to work for their job and need to make a good career. Also, they need to work for the establishment of their family as well.

Reasons for the Adult acne

Acne Is not only happens in the teenagers, But Adults can also have acne as well. Adults can have acne in their twenties, thirties or even in their fifties as well. There are even the cases when people who do not have acne in their teens get acne in their adulthood for the very first time. As we have discussed before that women are more likely to get acne as compared to men. Here is the primary reason that why Adult acne happens in women and some most common adult acne causes in the women’s.

Hormonal Imbalance

Women’s can experience a hormonal imbalance in their adulthood as well. For example, they may experience the hormonal changes when they have their period, and they can also experience acne during their pregnancy time. Moreover, the woman who uses birth control pills can also experience hormonal changes while they start or discontinue using the birth control pills.

Chemical based hair and skin care products

Yes, can happen due to the hair or skin care products as well. That’s the reason you should be very careful in choosing these products especially if you have adults acne. Also, you should read the labels of such products very carefully and only choose the products that are good for the acne prone skin and won’t cause breakout on the skin.

Opt for the products that will not clog the pores and that are oil-free and will not make your face or skin greasy. Also, choose the products that have Non-comedogenic or Non-acnegenic labels on them. Next time when you will be looking to buy sunscreen, cleanser or moisturizer, keep all these points in mind so that you can prevent the acne breakout on your skin.


Acne can also appear in the form of the side effects of the certain medications. If you notice acne breakouts while you are on a specific medication, then that medication may cause the acne breakout on your skin. Talk to your doctor that if the acne is the possible side effect of this medicine. If that’s the case, then ask your doctor if he/she can prescribe any alternative medicine. If you have to continue the same medication, then you can consider visiting a good dermatologist to get the acne under control.

Other Medical problem

Acne can be caused due to some medical conditions. For example, you may break out while having some the medical problem and by the time that medical problem gets solved your face may get clear again.

Family history and genetic role

Like teenage and back acne family history counts in the adult’s acne as well. If you have a family history of the adult’s acne, then you are more likely to develop and experience the adult acne as well.

Stress and adults acne

During your stress weeks, you may see more acne breakout on your face than usual. The reason behind this is explained in research that there is a relation between the acne and the stress so if you are experiencing the stress, then you are more likely to get acne breakouts as well.

When you are in stress then androgens in body increases that can eventually increase the oil and sebum production and can stimulate the hair follicles as well. This phenomena eventually results in acne breakouts. So try to avoid stress as much as possible because it will only make your acne worse.

Treatment and skincare routine

The adult’s acne can be treated if you take care of your skin and if you prevent the causes of the acne breakouts. It is critical to take care of your skin to prevent the acne breakouts on your skin because acne bacteria, excess oil and dead skin cells trapped on the skin can also cause acne breakouts on the skin.

Skincare routine

It is critical to maintaining a perfect skin care routine to prevent your acne. You should consider cleansing your face on the regular basis to prevent the acne from happening. Follow a proper cleansing routine to cleanse your skin. However, use a gentle cleanser and use a Non-comedogenic cleanser to avoid any irritation on the skin.

However, avoid washing your face more than two times a day because this can irritate your skin and can cause even more acne breakouts on the skin. You should use a gentle cleanser and should wash your face with cold or warm water. You can use your hands or a gentle back washcloth, or you may use a cleansing brush for only thirty seconds. Also, after that, you should pat dry your face. Do not try to rub your face harshly because it can irritate your face and active acne and can make them worse.

Cleanse your skin

If you wear makeup and use cosmetic then cleansing your face gently will help in getting rid of the entire makeup of the skin. It will also help in getting a rod from the dirt, excess oil and all the pollution that your skin faces throughout the day. However, opt for a gentle cleanser that won’t clog your pores and will not irritate your skin as well. If you cleanse your skin correctly then all the other products that you use to help your skin also work better on your skin and can reach to your skin properly.

Topical treatment

You can also consider using the topical treatment like cream and lotion to prevent the acne and heal the active acne on your face. There are many options available in the form of over the counter products to treat your acne with the help of these topical treatments. Retinoid creams or lotions can be used to treat your acne.

They will not only lessen the appearance of the acne on your skin they will also help in reducing the wrinkles as well. For the spot treatment of your acne, you can consider using the Sulfur based products because they are suitable for the occasional spot treatments.

Benzoyl peroxide is also much known for the acne treatment and works well for many people to treat their acne. However, the Benzoyl peroxide based products can make your skin dry. So it is better to use them only occasionally. If you have sensitive skin, then you can also try Benzoyl peroxide products that are milder and have a low content of Benzoyl peroxide in them.


Yes, some cosmetics are good for the acne and can have a good effect on the skin as well. Some cosmetic products have salicylic acid in them, and they can be helpful in fighting the acne causing bacteria and acne. Also, you should always use the cosmetic products that have a label on them that says that they are noncomedogenic. That means that if you use them, they will not cause acne on your face and won’t cause new acne breakout on the skin.

Blue light therapy

This therapy called blue light therapy can also be used to treat your acne-causing bacteria and eventually acne as well. This works by using the rays that are powerful and can enter the hair follicle and can kill the acne bacteria that cause acne.

If you have severe acne, then a topical treatment named Levulan can be added to this light therapy as well to treat the severe acne problems. The therapy that is used for the severe acne is called photodynamic therapy. However, you should consider that using this treatment can cause redness on the skin temporarily and your health insurance may not cover this as well. The cost that you may need to bear I order to get this session done is 250 dollars for the blue light therapy per session and 800 dollars for the photodynamic therapy per session.

Use tea tree oil

For a more natural topical treatment, you can consider using the Manuka honey and tea tree oil to treat your acne. Tea tree is an essential oil, and it is less irritating as compare to the benzoyl peroxide. It has been used for the acne treatment and to treat the mild to moderate acne from years. It is an effective and beneficial spot treatment for the acne and also does not have the side effect that other topical treatment may contain.

This oil has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and fights with the acne-causing bacteria as well. It also helps in fighting against the inflammation that acne may have caused. There are so many products available that have tea tree oil in them, and you can use those products to treat your acne, or you can use the tea tree oil directly for the spots treatment for the acne. Opt for a product that contains five percent concentration of the tea tree oil to treat your acne. However, you can also use the ones with fifteen percent concentration of the tea tree oil to treat the severe acne problem.


Ginger also has anti-fungal properties. That’s the reason it is considered very useful in the treatment of the acne. It also contains the astringent properties that help in the exfoliation press of the skin. It also has a component that helps in relieving the pain. It has so many minerals and vitamins that can aid in the regeneration of the skin as well.

Ginger also fights with the stress that is the ultimate cause of the acne. To get all these benefits from the ginger, you can chew a small piece of the ginger, or you can have ginger tea that has very benefits too. You can also apply the ginger juice to the chest acne to treat the acne.

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how-to-treat-acne-at-homeEven if you take care of your skin maintain a good skincare regime and do cleansing etc. on a daily basis you may still break out because your hormones are not balanced or maybe because you are experiencing lots of stress. If you wake up a morning and see that your skin is breaking out and you have got pimples that were never have been there before, then you may get panicked and opt for the harsh chemical based products or you may choose for the harmful medications.

However, the best way is to start taking prevention steps and try to heal your skin using the natural and home remedies to avoid the chemical based products on your face.  

You should try to taking care of your skin correctly, cleanse it properly and wash your face twice a day to prevent any bacteria and to get rid of all the harmful bacteria from the surface. Also, try using these home remedies and avoid using the harsh chemical based products in first place.

These remedies can help in healing the skin and curing the acne as well and will not have any harmful effect on your skin. You need to find out that which one works best for you to heal your acne.

The good thing about treating your acne at home is that the ingredients you use to manage it are mostly available in your household. Also, they are available on very cheap. The chemical based or the over the counter products that are available for the acne treatment contains the chemicals, and they can be costly as well.  Try to use these home remedies to heal the skin and take care of your skin properly and treat your acne on early stage as soon as possible.

Also, you should try to prevent the further acne breakouts as well by following a good skincare regime and by making some lifestyle changes because prevention is always better than cure. Also, try to deal with the cause of your acne and try to avoid your triggering point for the acne. The common causes of the acne can be hormonal imbalance, too much stress, lack of sleep, improper diet. Your genes can be a matter also because if your parents were more prone to acne then resultantly you are more prone to acne as well.

However, if you think that your acne is not healing even after using all these treatments and getting worse, then you should consult a dermatologist so that he/she can prescribe and recommend a procedure depending on the actual cause of your acne and the condition of your skin.

Facial cleanliness

First thing first you need to keep your face clean and should take care of your face properly. You should take care of your face and should clean it properly n matter you have acne or not, either way, try to wash your face twice a day properly. Taking care of the face cleanliness will remove the excess oil or sebum from your skin and will also help in getting rid of the dead skin cells or bacteria from your face as well. All these things have their contrition in acne breakouts so avoiding the will eventually help in coping with the acne as well. However, you should not wash your face more than twice a day because it may be harmful to your skin instead of being beneficial and it may irritate your skin as well.

Also be careful while washing your face. Don’t be so harsh or rough on your face. Try to clean it as gently as possible and then pat dry it.


No matter what skin type do you have, you need a moisturizer to moisturize your skin. Especially if you are having an acne breakout and treating it, then you need it even more because the products or treatments that are used to treat the acne can dry out your skin. If you have oily skin, then you can opt for the moisturizer that is for oily skin, and that is oil free.

There is a variety of the moisturizers available that works well for different types of the skin whether your skin is oily or dry or even if you have combination skin you can always found a moisturizer that is suitable for you depending on your skin type. If you have acne or you have acne prone skin, then you should buy a moisturizer that has a label of non comedogenic on it.

It means that the product will not cause acne breakouts or acne on your face you should also opt for the cosmetic products that have non comedogenic on them or that are water based and oil free product so that it won’t cause more acne on your face.

Oil Cleansing

We often consider that oil will clog the pores and will cause the acne breakouts on our skin and will cause even more acne. However, we can also use the oil cleansers to cleanse our face. Especially if you have oily skin, then you may find it hard to put more oil on your skin however it works well to remove the all the traces of the makeup from the skin and helps in making the skin soft.

That not all it also normalize the oil production of the surface because when your skin is dry then your body tries to compensate it by producing more oil in this way it won’t overproduce the oil on your face due to the face dryness because you have applied the oil on your skin in order to remove the dry skin and acne on the same time.

Oil does not only normalize the oil production of the skin rather it will also reduce the aging signs and can help in healing the acne scars as well.

Avoid smoking

Smoking does not only cause any harm to your overall health, but it’s also not suitable for the skin. It can give you more breakouts as well. The acne that is caused due to the smoking also has a particular terminology. It is called smokers acne. When you smoke then body healing process gets slow because it slows down the natural process of the body of inflammation that happens to cure or heal the acne.

The people who smoke are more likely to have acne as compare to the people who do not smoke especially the women who are in twenty to twenty-five age range are more likely to get moderate acne if they burn.

If you have sensitive skin and you smoke, then you may experience the skin irritation as well. That’s not all it will also make your age prematurely and will give your wrinkles as well on early age. So while you are trying to treat your acne using these home remedies, it is also essential to quit such habits that can cause the more acne breakouts on your skin.

Sugar imbalance

If you are eating foods that cause the sugar imbalance in your body then maybe this too contributes to your acne problems. Taking care of your diet is very important since you are what you eat. So try to choose your food wise especially while you have an acne breakout or if you have an acne prone skin. Try to taste the excellent and healthy food and don’t eat foods that will imbalance your sugar levels because this factor can also trigger your acne problems.

Try Sugar scrub

You also need to remove dead skin cells from your face because dead skin cells can also clog your pores and can eventually lead to a cane breakout on the face finally on your face as well. You can exfoliate your skin gently to remove all the skin cells from the surface. You can use sugar to peel the skin and to get rid of all the dead skin cells from the skin as well.

You can use sugar ( either white or brown sugar) in various ways, it can be used with the olive oil, or you can use it for exfoliation with the honey or even just plain water Following is a method in which you can use sugar in order to get benefits from it.

Take one and the half cup of the brown sugar and take one and a half cup of white sugar after that add coarse sea salt in the mixture two to three tablespoons. Then add about half cup of virgin olive oil in this mixture. Then you can add about ten tablespoons of the vanilla extract. After that you can also add one whole vanilla bean to the mixture however it is optional you can skip this step if you want.

The procedure of using these ingredients is as follow. Mix all the ingredients and store in a glass jar. Then you can use it for the shedding of the skin whenever you want.

Avoid touching your face

While you are following these natural remedies to treat your acne at home, it is also essential to consider some other daily routine habits as well. You should always avoid touching your face because your hands can house the harmful bacteria because we feel a lot of the things using our hands throughout the day so you should avoid touching the face.

Especially if you have an active acne breakout, then you should try to avoid to move your face or to pick your acne at all. You should not only keep your hands away from your face also you should try to keep your sheets and other objects that can possibly touch your face clean for example your make up brushes or even your hairs as well.

Egg white and lemon face mask

This remedy can be used on every type of skin, and it can be beneficial for every type of the surface. The procedure of using it is quite simple. All you have to do id that takes an egg white and beat it well after then add some lemon juice to it and mix the mixture well.

Apply this mixture on all over your face except the eye area. You can apply the mask at night and leave it overnight however if you don’t want to use the cover overnight then you can try using on the face for about half an hour and can wash it off with lukewarm water after that.

Use toners to balance PH level

The natural PH of your skin may disrupt by using harsh chemical based soap or other products with time. To restore the PH of your skin and balance it again, try to use toners to tone your face. Toners are also crucial for your skin. If you want to choose a natural option for the toner you can consider using pure Apple cider vinegar as a toner on your face in evening and moorings.

It can also help in the prevention of the acne as well and can restore the natural PH of your skin as well. Apple cider vinegar is also rich with so many enzymes that are beneficial for your skin to kill the acne causing acne bacteria. If you have chronic can then it can be a result of the acne bacteria that tend to spread on the skin and grow on the skin as well. To deal with this acne-causing bacteria apply the Apple cider vinegar as a toner on your skin. Use a cotton ball and apply the apple cider vinegar on all over your skin.

Try to pay attention to the areas where you have acne and apply it on those areas more carefully. However, if you have sensitive skin and feel burning while using the Apple cider vinegar on the face, then you can try to apply it after diluting it with water. Also, you should try to perform a spot test before using it to avoid any irritation.


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