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How to take the redness out of acne



How-to-take-the-redness-out-of-acne-RecoveredYou may have noticed inflammation and redness due to pimples and acne. This inflammation and redness can be quite annoying because it can make the pimple more prominent and make them more noticeable to others. Pimples bring so many side effects along with them they are not only painful and can be annoying, they can be irritating. Also they can cause the inflammation and redness and they can even torture you after healing as well in the form of scars they left behind.

The inflammation and redness that acne brings with it is however normal. Redness in not scars rather it is just the body’s natural response to the pimple and a part of healing process of the tissue as well. Pimples are hard to treat however the redness and inflammation they bring with them can be treated to get the redness out of them.

You can opt for the home remedies and solution to heal the redness caused due to the pimples You can try using witch hazel, tea tree oil or ice o treat he redness of the pimples. Try to take care of the pimple so that it wot spread the infection to other healthy areas of the skin and won’t get irritated. Your pimple may get more noticeable and prominent if they are inflames and have redness. If you want to reduce the appearance of the pimples and the redness or the blemishes then you need to control the inflammation and redness that the pimples brings with them.  The reduction in the redness and inflammation will reduces the appearance and impact of the acne on your face.

You can feel more confident after treating the redness because it will eventually make your pimples less noticeable and less prominent. You can treat your acne redness by using simple home remedies and can take prevention measures to avoid the future breakout/ as well. Also if you reduce the redness of the pimple it will help you to cover your zit with makeup more easily because reducing the redness will lessen the impact of acne. Pimple may takes more time to heal however the redness or inflammation that occurs due to the acne can be treated in several hours and in less time. Following is the details of the actions and steps that you can take in order to prevent the redness and heal the redness that occur due to the pimples. You can follow these simple and easy to use home remedies in order to get rid of the redness that you acne caused and improve your appearance for good.

Why redness occurs

Our skin has thousands of the oil and sebum glands that produce the oil in order to help the skin and to keep it hydrated and soft. However if they produce more oil and sebum then it can clog the pores and bacteria can trapped in the pores It can make them inflamed and can cause acne and this acne also brings the redness and inflammation with it as well. However don’t be panicked if your face or acne gets inflamed because it is the natural process of the body to deal with the acne causing bacteria and to deal with the skin disorders. However this natural healing process of the body can turn out in the form of the redness on the face and inflammation as well.

Treatment for the redness

 You can treat this redness and inflammation that acne caused. For that purpose consider to follow these simple remedies for the solution of the acne inflammation related problems. If you treat the redness of the acne successfully then there is a fair chance that you will eventually make your acne less noticeable as well. So getting rid of redness will give you extra benefit because it will also make your acne less noticeable and less prominent. Also it will be easy to cover your zits using the make up after you have cop with the redness of the acne. You can get rid of the redness by using some temporary cures like ice or some other topical treatment that can treat the redness temporarily and will keep the redness at bay for some hours may be. However if you want to get rid of the redness permanently then you should consider using some lifestyle changes and should follow a good skin care routine in order to treat your redness permanently.

Ice treatment

Ice is considered a very good and effective treatment for the redness that acne brings with it. It is very simple and easy to use and available in every house hold as well. Ice or cold press works because they slow down the blood circulation in the affected areas and can slow down the blood circulation on the area where you are applying it to treat the redness and inflammation. It can lower the inflammation and redness by slowing down the blood circulation in that area and by contracting the blood vessels beneath the skin.

You can use the ice cubes directly on your face. All you need to do is to grab some ice cube and wrap them in a clean cloth or you can use a paper towel for this purpose after that rub this against your pimples to treat their redness. You should try rubbing the ice cubes several times a day in order to get rid of the redness of the acne. Also you should try to use certain time on and off method while applying the ice cube so that you don’t make your redness and inflammation even worse by using this cold treatment. You should use the ice pack same way as you use it while you have some injury. You rub the ice for some time on the affected area then put it off for some time after that you rub the ice again. This same strategy is used while treating your redness with the help of the ice. Use it carefully so that you won’t damage your skin tissue with the ice. Try to do it multiple times but at different time of the day so that it won’t irritate your skin and won’t cause any extra redness.

If you want to go out then you can consider icing before applying the makeup to minimize the appearance of the acne redness or inflammation.

Eye drops

Another thing that you can do to get rid of the acne redness is the eye drops. Eye drops are a quick fix for the redness problem caused by acne because it will help in treating the redness. However it can only be used to treat the redness temporarily but quickly. It can reduce the redness because they are especially designed for this purpose, to reduce the redness. You should use the whitening eye drops only to get benefit in order to treat the redness of the acne.

However it can only affect the redness of the acne and couldn’t do any better in order to prevent or treat the acne itself. All you need to do is use a cotton ball to apply these drops directly on your skin an then you should leave them on until they get dry. After it gets dry, you can use the makeup and can conceal the area to cover the pimple. This will work on the redness of the skin that is surrounded the pimple. However it will not work on the actual inflammation that acne has caused on the skin.

The proper method to use eye drops in order to reduce the redness is as follow. Take a cotton ball or you can also use a q-tip as well. Then use cotton ball and dip it in the eye drops or dip the Q-tip in the eye drops. After dipping either of them with the few drops of eye drops put it freezer and freeze it. After freezing it when you apply it on the face you will get the double benefit from it. The cold press can help in slowing the blood flow and reduce redness and inflammation also tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride compound in the eye drop will help in reducing the redness quickly. However be careful while applying it on your face and apply it on only the affected area on your skin. If you apply it on healthy skin as well then it may cause the irritation on the skin. However you should keep in mind that you will get only temporary result by using the eye drops to reduce the redness of your pimples.

Bentonite Clay

 Bentonite Clay is an ancient method used to treat these kinds of problems. It has been used as an exfoliator for the skin and helps the skin in exfoliation. It is derived from the volcanic ash. It is green in colour and it comes in fine powder. It has a component named static cling and it draws all the impurities out of skin and that’s the reason it is considered so good exfoliator for the skin and it is also considered good in getting rid from the impurities of the skin.

Its works well in treating the acne related problems because it have a very soothing and calming effect on the skin and also help in cleansing the skin due to its cleansing properties.

Try using a tea bag

 Like cold press you can also consider using the warm press on the skin as well. Warm press is often used in the case when you want to treat the clogged pore and bacteria and dead skin cells that are trapped in the skin cells. If you use a warm press on the skin then it will help in getting all the dead skin cells etc. to move on the surface of the skin and after that you can get rid of them easily by cleansing the skin properly.

The procedure of using it is quite simple. All you have to do is soak a tea bag or a towel in hot water after that apply this on your skin for about sixty seconds. You may feel uncomfortable using it on your skin first but you will get comfortable with it eventually. After performing warm press session on the skin remember to make sure to wash your face properly using a mild soap or face wash to cleanse your face properly and to get rid of all the bacteria’s or dead skin cells on the skin. You can repeat this process once or twice a day to get better results and to treat your acne redness and inflammation using this warm press.

Use lemon juice

 Lemon is considered very beneficial for the sin due to the content of vitamin C it has. It ca also be used for treating the redness that happens due to the acne as well. Lemon juice helps in getting rid of the acne. Thanks to the citric acids that it contains. Lemon is also considered helpful in getting the redness out of pimple because it contains the skin lighting properties in it.

You can use it by cutting a lemon in half and then dip a Q-tip in the lemon juice after that carefully apply the lemon juice with the help of that Q-tip on the affected area. However only apply it on the affected areas not on the healthy skin. You can leave it overnight to treat the redness of the acne and then you can wash it off with water in the morning.

Avoid applying the lemon juice in the morning because it can temporarily make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. However if you have applied it in the morning try to protect your skin from the sun. You can apply the sunscreen or can use a hat to protect your skin form the sun.

Prevent future acne

You can treat your current acne with the help of these remedies however you should try to avoid future acne breakouts as much as you can because prevention is the best cure.

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How Can Oral Health Be Linked to Acne?




How Can Oral Health Be Linked to Acne?

What is Acne?

Oh, acne! Almost everyone who’s been a teenager has experienced it, but what is it, exactly? Acne is when bacteria and dead skin cells clog pores, resulting in a blemish. These unsightly blemishes are often on the face, and can also occur anywhere else on the body where there are pores – including the back and chest. There are many causes and treatments for acne, but some may surprise you!


Lesser-Known Causes of Acne

Many people know the usual culprits of acne include hormones (hence why so many teenagers struggle with acne), poor cleansing habits, or a poor diet that lacks nutrients.



  • Oral Health


Dental hygiene and oral health can have a profound effect on whether you develop acne. The same bacteria and germs that are found in your mouth also cause acne on your face. A mouth full of bacteria can promote an immune response throughout the body, causing severe inflammation and is even linked to serious diseases like heart disease and diabetes. If you practice good dental habits, your skin and body might thank you!



  • Mobile Phones


Frequent use of mobile phones is also linked to acne – think of how often a phone is held to your face and all the places it travels with you. All the germs you pick up throughout the day can get transferred to your skin with a touch, creating the opportunity for acne to develop on your face. Most people rarely clean and disinfect their mobile phones, making it a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.



  • Beauty Products


Hair products that contain oily or harsh ingredients can cause acne to break out, especially along the hairline as they transfer to your skin. By paying attention to ingredients and noting which ones you might be sensitive to, you can learn to avoid products that might cause you to develop acne and blemishes.



  • Unpurified Water


Areas that have hard water – water that has an abundance of excess minerals can experience elevated levels of acne. The additional ingredients can irritate your skin, causing breakouts to occur and even slowing the healing of acne that’s already present.


Bacteria and Your Skin

The bacteria found in your mouth are the same bacteria that create acne on the skin. This means that if you have an infected tooth or another dental issue, this can cause acne to appear on your face as a result. It makes it even more important to practice good dental hygiene every day and see a dentist if you feel like you might have an infection in your mouth. Many people with a mouth infection have reported their skin cleared up almost immediately after having the dental issues resolved.


Your Toothpaste Might Be a Culprit

While it is important to keep your mouth clean and healthy, it’s also critical to note that your toothpaste might also be irritating your skin and causing blemishes as well. If you brush your teeth after washing your face, you might drip toothpaste on your skin. Some of the ingredients found in toothpaste can be harmful to sensitive skin and cause blemishes. Always brush teeth before washing your face to promote a healthy smile and healthy skin.


Oral Health and Overall Health

Not only is acne linked to poor oral health, but there are also a variety of other health issues as well. Serious illnesses like pneumonia, diabetes, and even heart disease can be a product of poor dental hygiene. Even more, a reason to brush and floss twice daily and visit Amersham Dentist regularly!


Immunologic Response

The immune system is designed to attack foreign bacteria in the body, and when bacteria is present in the mouth, it can trigger an inflammatory response in the body – creating irritation and blemishes on the face. Strong oral health can calm the immune system and create a more beautiful, clear complexion.


The Tooth Connection

Teeth are part of a larger system of the body, and when your teeth and mouth are irritated or contain a lot of bacteria, other connected organs (such as skin) are affected as well. By keeping the teeth and mouth clean and healthy, you have an indirect effect on keeping other parts of your body clean and healthy too.

Dental Hygiene Tips to Reduce Your Acne

Because dental hygiene can have a direct effect on acne, it’s important to begin strong oral health practices like brushing teeth and flossing twice every day. Even using a fluoridated mouthwash can help clean your mouth and prevent the spread of bacteria. If you suspect you have a cavity, abscess, or other mouth infection, schedule a dental check-up to determine the cause. Your skin will thank you!


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How To Remove Back Acne Scars




How-To-Remove-Dark-Acne-ScarsAcne does not only affect the face, but it is also common to have acne on another body as well. People may experience acne on the shoulders, back and chest area as well. Acne on the body can be very irritating and can leave scars as well as it does on the face. Many people suffer from the back acne, and it can leave acne scars after it’s gone. You can experience blackheads and pimples on your back. You can get severe back acne breakouts as well. If you had a severe acne breakout on your back, then you are more likely to develop deep and severe acne scars.

After an injury skin tries to heal itself. You can aid in the healing process of the body and can prevent and heal your acne scars by using some home remedies that are both cheap and non-toxic and contains no potential side effects.  

There are several methods available to remove these back acne scars from your back. These methods range from the medical procedures to the natural remedies. Back acne scars can be annoying, but the good thing is that you can do several things to heal and treat them for good. Back acne can happen due to several reasons. It can appear due to hormonal reasons, or specific medication may trigger back acne as well.

The genetics, acne bacteria, stress, improper diet, sleep deprivations or lack of sleep, Fast food or oily food and dairy can trigger acne breakouts as well.  It is better to avoid these things to prevent the future back acne breakouts because prevention is the best cure. If you are avoiding the acne breakouts, then you are also preventing the acne scars as well that can appear in case of acne breakouts.

Following is the detail of the home remedies and prevention that you can take to get rid of the acne scars and to heal back acne scars.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is also much known to treat the acne marks. However, it can be a little harsh on your face, so some people avoid using the lemon juice on the face directly however as the skin on your back is not as sensitive as the skin on your face so the lemon juice can be used to treat the back acne scars quickly.

The procedure of applying the lemon juice and using it to treat the back acne scars is pretty simple. All you have to do is take fresh juice from freshly squeezed lemon and then apply it on the dark spots or acne scars on your back. You can apply it with the help of a cotton ball on our back.

However lemon may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so it is better to avoid the sunlight after applying the lemon juice on the dark spots on your back. You can also apply the juice in the night time to prevent this situation. However, you can apply sunscreen before going in the sunlight also you can cover your back with cloths.

Lemon is natural bleaching agent, and it can lighten up the back acne scars. It also has an excellent content of vitamin C that is very good for the skin and can boost collagen in the skin. You can also use a natural scrub of lemon to treat the dark spots on the skin. The procedure of it as follows, Take sugar, salt and a lemon half. Then you can directly rub the lemon with this mixture on it on your back.

This will also prevent and heal the back acne scars. You can use it before taking a shower as well.  However, if you think that your skin is sensitive and you get burning sensation after using the lemon juice on it, you can dilute the lemon juice with water to use it and avoid any burning sensations.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered the magical plant due to its so many benefits. It is not only beneficial to treat the dark spots and other imperfections of the facial skin. It can also be used to treat the back acne scars as well. Aloe Vera can help in healing the skin. It will not only help in the regeneration of the damaged skin tissues it will also work well to heal the acne scars on our back.

Also, it is very readily available. There are ready-made aloe Vera gels available in the market, but it is better to prefer your own Aloe Vera that can get quickly from the Aloe Vera plant. You can buy a potted Aloe Vera plant as well to get the benefits of your own fresh Aloe Vera gel. Also, it will be cheap and fresh if you use the natural Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe Vera plant.

You can cut the leaf and get the gel-like thing from it. After that, it can be applied to the back acne scars directly to get benefit from it. You can also apply it to other body parts where you have scars like your facial acne scars. It will not help in getting rid of back acne scars it will also tighten the skin and make it more glowing and youthful as well.

Not just that the list of its benefits goes on and on. You can use it to treat the sunburns as well. So it is better to use Aloe Vera gel to get rid of the back acne scars on a daily basis. However, you should be consistent and should stick to the treatment to treat the marks for good and to see the positive result from this miracle plant.  

Baking soda

When it comes to treating the back acne scars, then you can consider using the baking soda as well. Baking soda is an excellent natural exfoliator. You probably have the baking soda in your household. It is useful in many ways. You can use it to get rid of lousy aroma in the washing machine, or it can also be used to make your teeth white.

You can use baking soda to treat your back acne scars in various ways. You can use it directly with some water. Mix some water in the baking soda and make a paste after that apply it to the spots on your back to treat your back acne scar. Leave them on for some time and after that wash it off with water. Remember to apply moisturizer after that because it may make your skin a little bit dry.

Another way of using the baking soda is you can use it as a scrub to scrub and exfoliate the skin on your back. The procedure of using it is simple. All you need to do is cut a lemon in half then dip the lemon in the baking soda and exfoliate the skin with this. You should only use this twice a week only. If you continue to use this, then you will eventually be able to see the results from it.

Ice pack to treat the acne scars

Ice is very readily available in every household. You can also use ice to treat the back acne scars. If you ice the sacred area, then it will help in getting rid of the scars by shrinking them and tightening the skin as well. However, you should not apply the ice directly on your skin. It is better to wrap the ice in a cloth or towel to avoid skin damage due to it and so that it won’t damage your skin.

If you want to get some extra benefit from it, then you can use the ice cube made by the rose water. It will give you extra benefits and help in getting rid of the acne scars as well more effectively. You can also apply olive oil to moisturize your skin after using the ice cubes on your skin. It will not only help the scarring it will also help to get beautiful skin and will improve your skin.

Egg white mask to treat the acne scars

Eggs are not only an excellent source of protein. It can also be used to treat the dark spots and acne marks on the skin as well. The high content of the protein in the egg whites will help to entreat the stubborn and hard to treat back acne scars as well. All you need to do is apply them directly on your back acne scars. You can also mix them with the Aloe Vera to get Aided benefits and to see the results quickly.Apply the egg white on the acne scars, and you can leave it on your skin overnight, or you can apply it on your skin for some hours. After that, you can wash it off with warm water.The protein in the egg whites is essential for our skin and can help in the healing process of the skin.


Use rose water and Sandalwood powder

Sandalwood powder is much known for its skin benefits. You can use it with rose water to treat your acne marks on your back as well. To use it for the treatment of the back acne scars you need to mix the sandalwood powder and rose water until it takes a form of paste after that apply the mixture on your back. You can leave the mixture on your back overnight. Wash it off with water in the morning. However, this may make your skin a bit dry. SO you can moisturize your skin after using it, and still, you can use it because the skin on your back is not as sensitive and visible as the skin on your face.


Consider using the Turmeric powder

Turmeric is a favorite spice that is available in almost every Asian household. You can purchase it from any grocery store as well. To use this spice to treat the back acne scars and to get rid of the scars, make a paste of turmeric powder by adding water or rose water in it. After that apply it on your back where you have acne scars. It can help to treat and fading the scars.




Use orange peel

Do not throw away your orange peel; you can use it to get rid of acne scars on your back as well. Orange peel contains vitamin C and Retinol that can help in the regeneration of the skin. It also improves the skin and lightens the scars and help in going up the skin. The procedure of using it is as follow, Dry the orange peel in the sun. After it gets dried. Grind it properly and make a fine powder. Mix it with water and make a form of paste and apply it on the affected area to get the desired results from it. Wash it off with water after it gets dry.  



 Use oatmeal and rose water mask

You can also use oatmeal and rose water mask to treat your acne marks on your back. It contains fiber and oil that help in tightening the skin pores and help in healing the acne scars. You can mix the oatmeal with rose water to make a paste. After making a paste apply t on your back where you have back acne scars Leave it on for about fifteen to twenty minutes and wash it off after that.

You can also mix the raw honey into the mixture as well to get some added benefits from the mixture as well. Because raw honey contains the vitamin C that helps in healing the skin and lightening the acne scars as well.  You can also use honey and oatmeal mask to prevent the acne scars as well on your skin.


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How To Stop Acne Naturally




How-To-Stop-Acne-NaturallyAcne is a quite common skin problem that people often faced. Some so many people suffer from acne and look for a treatment that will in getting rid of their acne. Since its very common that’s the reason that there are so many treatment options are available ranging from the natural remedies to medical treatment from a dermatologist. Also, there are also many over the counter products available that can be used to treat the acne.

However, the medication or topical treatment that dermatologist prescribes or the products that you get over the counter contains many potential side effects. They can include the irritation, redness, and dryness of the skin, etc. That’s the reason many people tend to choose some natural remedy for the treatment of their acne problem because they hold very minor to no side effects on the skin and they are valid for the acne treatment as well. Also, they do not cause any side effect or damage to the healthy skin surrounded the acne area.

Natural remedies are cheap in the using. Also, there are very easy to use and readily available as well so next time when you experience an acne breakout then give these remedies a try. However, it’s better to perform a spot test before using these on your skin because everyone is different and their skin reacts to a particular ingredient differently. Make sure to perform spot test especially if you have sensitive skin so that you don’t get any allergy reaction by using these products on your face.

Natural remedies are always a safer and cheaper option as compare to the medicated treatments or the over the counter product that can contain many chemical and can be harsh on your skin as well. If you are experiencing the acne, then the first thing that you need to do is to avoid taking the stress. Even if you are taking the stress because you have acne, then this can lead to even more acne, and it can make your acne worse so next time when you experience acne breakout then instead of panicking try to follow these simple home remedies to treat your acne for good.

Following are the details of the natural home remedies that you can follow to get clear skin. These remedies are very effective, and they are also very simple and easy to perform as well.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Also, you need to perform some lifestyle and diet changes along with using these remedies to get a healthy and acne free skin. Try to avoid the sugary, processed and fried food and opt for the healthy food. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Also, drink lots of water throughout the day to remove the toxins from the body and to hydrate your body. Adopt a healthful lifestyle, try to do exercise daily and try to follow a good skin care regime to get the acne free skin. These lifestyle changes along with these home remedies will eventually help in treating your acne for good.

Try Apple cider vinegar

Vinegars are considered beneficial in order to treat the bacteria and viruses. Like other vinegars apple cider vinegar also has the quality of fighting against the bacteria and viruses.  Apple cider vinegar kills acne because they are known to contain some organic acids. It has a particular acid named succinic acid that helps in treating the inflammation that acne causes. If you use it while having an active acne breakout then it will also help in preventing the acne scarring that may happen due to acne.

Apple cider vinegar also prevents the acne by fighting the excess oil. The procedure of using the apple cider vinegar is quite simple. All you have to do is dilute the Apple cider vinegar with water. Mix one part of vinegar and three parts of water. If your skin is quite sensitive then you can add more water in order to prevent any kind of irritation.  

Cleanse your skin properly and after that apply the apple cider vinegar on your face properly using the cotton ball.  You can let the apple cider vinegar on your face for about five to twenty seconds. After that you can rinse it off using the water. Always remember to dilute the Apple cider vinegar with the water because you may feel burning sensation after applying it. That’s the reason you should always apply it after diluting it with water to avoid any kind of irritation or burning sensations.

Honey and cinnamon mask

You can also use honey and cinnamon mask in order to treat the acne naturally. Honey and cinnamons both are packed with the antioxidants. A study suggest that if you apply the antioxidant on your face then it will be more effective in order to treat your acne even more then retinoids or benzoyl peroxide based products. Honey and cinnamon also contains antibacterial properties as well that help in treating the acne.

Honey is very beneficial in treating and fighting with the acne because it has properties to fight against the inflammation and bacteria as well. Both of these things can trigger your acne breakout and by fighting them you can actually reduce the acne breakouts.

Due to these beneficial properties that these products contain they are considered beneficial to treat the acne prone skin. However, there isn’t any evidence study that suggests that they are beneficial for treating the acne or reduce the acne breakouts.

The ingredients that are required to make this mask are honey and cinnamon. Mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of the cinnamon after that mix both ingredients well. Wash your face properly and apply this mask on your face. You can leave this mask on for almost ten to fifteen minutes after that you can wash it off with water.

Tea tree spot treatment

When it comes to the spot treatment, then the tea tree is considered the best spot treatment for the active acne on your skin. Tea tree oil essential oil is considered very beneficial for treating the acne because it will help in preventing the acne with its bacteria-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Research suggests that applying five percent of the tea tree oil to treat your acne can reduce it if you use it effectively to treat your acne. However, it works slower as compare to the benzoyl peroxide. It may take about three months to work and to treat your acne correctly. However, benzoyl peroxide may result in several side effects like dryness, irritation or redness. However, tea tree oil has fewer side effects like this.

However, you should always dilute the tea tree oil with water before using it to treat your acne. Follow the following procedure to use tea tree oil to treat the acne related problem to get rid of the acne.  Take one part of tea tree oil and dilute it with nine parts of the water. Apply it on the affected areas of the skin by using a cotton swab.

Tea tree oil can make your skin quite dry so you should apply a good moisturizer after treating your skin with the tea tree oil. You can use this treatment twice a day as per requirement until you get the desired results. Tea tree oil works because it contains the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can be helpful in treating the acne. Many people found it beneficial for the treatment of the acne, and it is considered a beneficial spot treatment.

Treating your acne using green tea

Green tea has so many antioxidants in it. Drinking green tea daily can help in promoting your overall health. Not just that it is also considered beneficial for your skin health as well. There are not any studies that suggest that drinking green tea helps in getting rid of your acne, however, applying it to your face topically can help in treating the acne problems.

Green tea contains an antioxidant named “epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)” that is considered very beneficial in reducing the oil or sebum production on the face also it reduce the inflammation on the face and eventually treat the acne in the people who have acne prone skin. There are many products available that contain the green tea extract because skin benefits are using green tea based products on your skin to help your acne.

Studies suggest that if you use two to three percent of green tea extract, then it will reduce the sebum or oil production that eventually becomes a cause of the acne.  You can choose any product that contains green tea extract however if you don’t want to opt for a product then you can also make your own as well.

Boil the water and add green tea and steep it on boiling water for about three to four minutes. After that let the tea cool down. After that, you can either apply it using a cotton ball, or you can use it in the spray bottle and directly spray t on your face.  Let it dry, and then you can wash it off with pure water.

There isn’t any study that proves that drinking green tea helps in fighting with the acne, but there is evidence that drinking green can low blood sugar level and it can lower blood sugar level. Since these two factors can contribute to the development of the acne then eventually sipping green tea can help with acne in this way.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is also beneficial in fighting with the acne since it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It has been used for a variety of the skin problem. It’s been used to treat eczema, dandruff, bruises and even insects bite. It is also considered beneficial in treating the acne as well. Some studies suggest that applying witch hazel can reduce the inflammation and it can fight against the bacteria as well, and it eventually helps in the healing process of the acne.  

Add witch hazel bark into one cup of water Let it stay in the water for about thirty minutes after that boil this mixture after that simmer for about ten minutes and keep the pot covered as well.  After ten minutes remove the mixture from the flame and then keep it for another ten minutes again. The mixture is ready, and you can store it in a sealed container after straining it. To treat the acne, apply this on your face twice a day using the cotton ball. It is available commercially as well, but those may not contain the tannins in it.

Try using Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel along with its other so many benefits is also very beneficial in treating the acne as well. Aloe Vera is often used in so many skin care products like face wash, soaps, creams or lotions, etc. due to its benefits for the skin. This too is used to treat so many skin imperfections for example rashes and skin burns.

It contains a right amount of Sulfur and salicylic acid, and both of these ingredients are known to help the acne. Some studies suggest that for the treatment of the acne if you apply salicylic acid on your acne, then it will be very beneficial to treat your acne.

Sulfur is also beneficial when it comes to treating the acne on the skin. Its use is quite simple. Get an Aloe Vera leaf from its plant. You can also grow its plant in your home very quickly. There are also readymade gels available in the market as well, but you will get a better result if you opt for a more natural one. After cleaning your face correctly apply the Aloe Vera gel o your skin directly. You can apply it as a moisturizer because Aloe Vera gel is an excellent moisturizer as well.


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