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A big, red mound tipped with white is sitting right on your face. It’s like a facial volcano ready to erupt, tempting you to touch, squeeze and pop. You reach for it, knowing that sweet relief is moments away. One good squeeze is all it’ll take, but should you proceed? The answer is not so simple and here’s why..



You’ve done the deed. You popped a pimple. That squeezing has done more harm than good. Your pimple is swollen and more painful than it was. The angry red and white area places your blemish in the spotlight. Now what? How do you eliminate the obvious signs that scream “I just popped!”


There are a few ways to reduce redness, inflammation and what remains of your blemish.

  • Ice
  • Ibuprofen
  • Anti-acne treatment


An anti-acne treatment like a tea tree serum can help speed the healing process. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial agent ready to fight blemish-causing bacteria. Think of it as “the battle of the bulge” on your skin. Salicylic acid, also a natural ingredient, helps clear your pores.  A word of caution, though. Never apply salicylic acid to broken skin, which is what you have right after you pop. Its acidic nature can make matters worse. So, give your pimple a day or two to heal before you treat it.


Testify and multiply

Speaking of bacteria, the pus inside that pimple is the motherload of trouble. We’re talking about bacteria-filled dirt, debris and oil that you are about to spill onto your face. Even if you wipe the area afterward, anything left behind is sure to wreak havoc. We’re talking about a multiplying pimple party, here. It’s like sending out invitations and leaving the door wide open for whoever comes. What you end up with is a house filled with unwanted guests. Our suggestion: stop before you pop.


There she blows

If increased acne isn’t bad enough, sometimes, an attempt to burst that blemish backfires. Instead of eliminating the contents of your pimple, you succeed in pushing them deeper inside your skin. This spells big trouble for your skin in the form of infection, more redness and increased inflammation. That pimple just went from a small, red mound to Mount Vesuvius on a bad day.


Scars away

Regardless of how primed and ready to “blow” your blemish may seem, experts recommend leaving it be. Scars are the bane of every pimple sufferer. Sometimes, you can reduce or eliminate acne scars with scar removal creams and gels designed specifically with acne in mind. Other times, a more intense therapy like microdermabrasion, dermabrasion or laser resurfacing is needed to smooth them away. In the end, if you can’t stop the pop, there is a better way to do it. Leave the popping to the professionals.


Paging Dr. Popper

When a pimple must be popped, the best way to do it is to talk to your doctor. Your dermatologist is trained to pop that pimple in a way that lowers your risk of further problems. So, if you have a blemish that’s unwilling to blow on its own, don’t try to pop it at home.


Sterilization is the key to acne-popping success and helps prevent an infection or worse. A dermatologist has a few ways to alleviate your acne. Remember, the right acne solution can help pave the path to a clearer complexion.

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